The world of Tzu Chi Augusts 2021 (Vol.136)

47 TZU CHI 136 irror of the Heart By Master Cheng Yen Drawing by Lee Wee Chong Practise Mindfulness * This article is extracted from the book “Mirror of the Heart”. hen we speak, most of us are not very mindful. Words just come out of our mouths. But when we listen to others speak, we are often very “mindful”. We are mindful in picking apart others’ mistakes, causing afflictions to arise in our own minds. When others speak kind words to us, they go in one ear and out the other, and we are quick to forget. Being mindful of the wrong things is a common shortcoming that most people have. So, we do not necessarily need to listen to profound teachings, but in our daily living, we must always practise mindfulness. In our daily living, any Dharma that can be readily applied and used is “wondrous Dharma”. W