The world of Tzu Chi Augusts 2021 (Vol.136)

46 2021 • 08 * Extracted from the book “Infinite Teachings, Infinite Meanings”. A man was unable to sleep well for several months because he felt that his share of inheritance was unequal. He was very upset. Master told him, “Regardless of your share, you should accept it with joy. Feeling joyful is a blessing. Nothing is perfectly fair in this world. It is more important that you accept the result without being disturbed. If you do, everything is fair; if not, no matter how the inheritance is split, someone will be unhappy. The love between siblings cannot be bought with money, so you should not ruin your relationship over money. When you have a broad heart, you have the most blessings. Joyfully accept what you get and do not complain. What you gain from your own hard work is what is really yours, and it also attests to your capability. So, why rely on an inheritance from your elders?” A Tzu Chi staff member, who previously could not get through the grief of losing her father, came to thank Master for giving her the courage to free herself from this emotional bondage. Master advised her, “No matter how much wealth our parents leave for us, it will ultimately disappear into thin air. Instead of benefitting us, it may actually cause conflicts. The true inheritance for us to put to use is our bodies. We should take advantage of the bodies given to use by our parents to fulfil our responsibilities, do good deeds, and give to others. This way, we repay our parents with our merits and virtues. Such is great filial piety.” A lady said she had once made a lot of money, but when her business failed, her status and lifestyle went down with it. Master said, “Losing money does not matter as long as you retain your virtue. Our virtue can neither be taken away nor be hidden from sight. If we can be content, what worries will we have? As long as we face everything as it comes, we will naturally be at ease.” Serene Reflection Question & Answer By Dharma Master Cheng Yen