The world of Tzu Chi May 2021 (Vol.134)

2021 • 05 58 nspiration By Koh Poo Leng Translated by Ong Mooi Lin A fter learning of my health problem at the end of last year, my husband decided to prepare healthy vegetarian lunch for me and our daughter to take to work daily. Looking at the colourful and nutritious lunch inside the bento, I just could not resist snapping pictures and sharing them on my Facebook. Unexpectedly, the appealing meals attracted the attention of my daughter’s colleagues, a classmate who operates a non-vegetarian restaurant, a cousin and her colleagues. Hence, I started my journey of promoting vegetarianism through bento meals. In this journey, I had encountered an incident that carried my emotions through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs... On January 16, 2021, four days after the implementation of the movement control order, I was accompanied by my son to shop for ingredients for the bento meals at a supermarket. For safety reason, I hid some cash in a secret corner of my sling bag. The supermarket was so crowded with people that they made me nervous and worry. I just wanted to finish my shopping and leave for home quickly. When I searched for cash to pay for my grocery, I was shocked to discover that it was missing! My heart sank. Although it was just RM160, I still felt the loss. My son then tried to console me: “Cheer up, we can always earn back the money that was lost.” Upon hearing that, I told myself to consider the lost money was picked up by someone whom I had owed money in my previous life. My mood remained low after returning home. I felt apologetic to my husband for the lost money came from the little income that he made from promoting and selling the vegetarian bentos. Nonetheless, I told myself to let go of this low mood feeling. Beautiful Sunday The following day, I was busy with preparing vegetarian bentos, delivering them, and doing house chores. Then at around 4 p.m., I heard someone calling out my name. Standing outside our house was a young Malay man. Upon seeing my son, he immediately flagged out some cash notes, a membership card and a blood donation record book. He asked if the owner of these items lived in the same house. My son called out for me, “Mum, he is looking for you…” I went to the young man, and after confirming that I was the rightful owner, he returned my money and documents Butterfly Effects of Kindness There is always a reason for any encounter, the cause could be good or bad. It is everyone’s wish to be surrounded with good affinity, and there is no exception to an ordinary person like me.