The world of Tzu Chi May 2021 (Vol.134)

We Will Be There Through the Journey of Healing When devastating disasters happen and result in heavy casualties, the impact of death can be so huge that even frontline rescue workers and support volunteers are traumatized in the process. Tzu Chi volunteers were no exception. Realizing how important psychological counselling and other similar forms of help are in the aftermath of the Taroko Express train crash, Tzu Chi Hospital sent healthcare professionals to offer counselling and other services. Fully aware of what lay ahead of those impacted by the accident, Yen Po-wen, CEO of the Tzu Chi Charity Mission, promised on behalf of Master Cheng Yen and all Tzu Chi volunteers: “Tzu Chi will be there for you through your long journey towards the healing of your physical and mental wounds.” Tzu Chi volunteers accompany the victims’ families in calling back the souls of the deceased near the crash site, offering them emotional support during these difficult times. [Photo by Hsiao Yiu-hwa]