The world of Tzu Chi May 2021 (Vol.134)

How should we understand the principle, “Everything is connected with the mind?” If we use a scholarly approach to delve into the Buddha-Dharma, then we will dig deeper and deeper without ever reaching the bottom. Actually, the Buddha-Dharma is very simple. No matter which Dharma-door we enter, if we wish to experience how “everything is connected with the mind”, we first need to attain peace of mind. Having peace of mind is a wondrous method that allows us to deeply understand the meaning of the Dharma. Look at how widespread suffering is in our world. If we only recite sutras without reaching out to help others, can we truly achieve peace of mind? When we see suffering sentient beings attain peace and happiness, we ourselves gain realizations in the process of helping them and will naturally have peace of mind. When our minds are at peace, we can deal with matters peacefully, and the world will be at peace. When the world is at peace, humans can live in peace. This is the peace of mind that comes from cultivating both blessings and wisdom. Therefore, “peace of mind” is most important for understanding the Buddha-Dharma. Therefore, the Buddha-Dharma is not meant only to be recited or heard, but most importantly to be put into practice. Since we do not know if there will be a tomorrow, why do we need to work hard today? Our understanding of impermanence should not make us pessimistic, but should rather make us more engaged! Because of the impermanence of life, we must actively seize every moment. We must not create bad karma; instead, we should make good use of our time to do things in earnest. Serene Reflection Question & Answer By Dharma Master Cheng Yen 2021 • 05 56