The world of Tzu Chi May 2021 (Vol.134)

01 TZU CHI 134 By Dharma Master Cheng Yen Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting aster’s Teaching This Covid-19 pandemic is like a “grand lesson” for all of us. Let us all awaken to the message it is bringing us and do what we can to mitigate the impact and help the world. What We Can Do to Help During the Pandemic T he coronavirus pandemic that has spread across the world has caused much fear and alarm, even more so because no one knows where it came from and when it might run its course. During such a challenging time and faced with such uncertainty, what can we do to mitigate the impact and help the world? I believe everyone can help by doing the following. First, practise sincere piety. We can all help by praying piously for the disaster to end as soon as possible and for everyone who has been affected by the pandemic. Covid-19 might have created physical distances between us, but we should not use that as an excuse to grow indifferent towards others or to withhold our love. At the Jing Si Abode, we have prayed every afternoon at 1:30 p.m. since 2008 for blessings for the world. Many Tzu Chi volunteers around the globe have joined us in the prayer. Now with the coronavirus impacting the entire world, we sincerely hope everyone will join us in this daily event. You can tune in to Da Ai TV or participate online. Let us pray together for the purification of everyone’s heart and mind, for peace and harmony in society, and for a world without disasters. We hope that with everyone’s sincere piety, our prayers will reach the heavens and be answered. Second, reach out to help others. The coronavirus outbreak has halted industries and shut down businesses around the world, leaving many people struggling to make ends meet. Even though these people have not fallen victim to the virus, they still need help to make it through this difficult time. Whether you give your money, time or strength, you can create blessings and help the force of love grow stronger in the world. If we can all contribute our bit, our trickles of love will converge into a force powerful enough to help many people. Take our volunteers in the Philippines for example. Since the outbreak, they