The world of Tzu Chi Apr-Jun 2023 (Vol.146)

Free Haircuts, Precious Smiles Zimbabwe has been grappling with hyperinflation. Water scarcity and drought make hair washing a luxury, and a haircut costs as much as a meal. As a result, many impoverished children have suffered from scalp infections. In October 2022, Tzu Chi volunteers restarted the haircut and meal programme, providing over 10,000 free haircuts by April 2023. Before haircuts, they engaged the children in games, bringing joy to the little ones. In Mhondoro, volunteers brought relief supplies to Tanya and his mother. Their arrival rekindled a long-lost smile on the boy’s face. “We do not even have money to feed ourselves, let alone afford a haircut for my child,” his mother expressed, thanking the volunteers for addressing their challenges. “With his hair taken care of and hunger alleviated, my child can now focus on his studies.” [Photo by Hlengisile Jiyane]