The world of Tzu Chi Nov-Dec 2022 (Vol.144)

47 TZU CHI 144 * Extracted from the book “Infinite Teachings, Infinite Meanings”. Serene Reflection Question & Answer By Dharma Master Cheng Yen Tzu Chi started from members saving 50 Taiwanese cents (about RM0.05) each day in a bamboo bank. At that time, a commissioner asked, “What is the difference between donating 15 dollars once a month and saving 50 cents every day?” Master said, “I do not want people to just donate money; I hope everyone can form good aspirations and have good thoughts every day. When people awaken the love in their hearts every day, their families will be harmonious and happy. When there is love in every family, society will be peaceful.” The chairman of a company came to visit Master. He had won a lawsuit against his competitor, but then appealed again to the High Court to get higher compensation. Originally, he hoped to gain more to donate it to charity, but he had not expected that this would cause the other party’s property to be seized. Seeing this, he felt uneasy. He asked Master what he should do. Master said, “Forming good karmic affinities with others is most important. On the path of life, receiving a few hundred million in compensation does not have any greater significance. Numbers are not the goal of life. Even when we are in the right, we should be forgiving. The best would be to drop the lawsuit. Having money to do meaningful things is good, but we must not harm others for it. “If we can be without conflicts with others, we ourselves, our work, and the world will all be at peace. The most important things in life are to be safe and peaceful. If we endlessly fight with others, both sides will suffer greatly.” Master again emphasized that we need to be forgiving when we are in the right. When donating money, we should do it according to our capacity and not get into disputes with others in order to be able to do good deeds. Even if it means forsaking a good deed, it is more important to dissolve a negative affinity.