The world of Tzu Chi Nov-Dec 2022 (Vol.144)

TZU CHI 144 35 the Vulture Peak lies within one’s heart. She has also learnt to appreciate affinities and understands that everything happens for a reason. She said, “We have to cherish affinity when there is a guardian angel by our side. When we are faced with adversity, it is perhaps an opportunity for growth.” The enlightening moments in Tzu Chi has helped Hong Ying untie the knot in her heart and stop complaining about her past misfortunes. Her heart is now peaceful when remembering her late husband. She now understands that everyone has their own blessings. Although she had lost her husband, she still has her two children and Tzu Chi volunteers by her side. She keeps in mind Yoke Hong’s advice that everyone has their life’s assignments. Her late husband had completed his, and thus had departed from this world. She shall offer him her blessings and work on her unfinished assignments diligently. Hong Ying has expanded her social circle, and despite receiving help from Tzu Chi, she has become a recycling volunteer, repaying the community with her recycling efforts. She has also found comfort amidst the storm of her life. She is immensely grateful to her guardian angels, who have kept her company as she journeyed through those tough times and evolved into a better version of herself. She looks forward to continue her volunteering journey with Tzu Chi and hopes that she, too, can be a guardian angel to others someday. After joining Tzu Chi, Hong Ying (front row, 1st from left) no longer complains about her past misfortunes. Instead, she has found peace and new meaning to her life. [Photo courtesy of Ang Yeok Hee]