The world of Tzu Chi Nov-Dec 2022 (Vol.144)

2022 • 12 32 Report by Low Chow Ping Translated by Yi-Qin Photo by Look Foot Seong ouching Life Story A Journey from Loss to Inner Peace Faced with the demise of four family members in a short span of three years, Cheah Hong Ying was once overwhelmed with pain and grief. Fortunately, her guardian angels appeared in time, accompanying her on the uphill journey to reconnect with life after suffering loss. She said, “If it was not for Tzu Chi people, I do not know what would have become of me!” C heah Hong Ying met her husband at a petrol station in Batu Caves, where they worked. She described him as a good family man, who would handle not only purchases of daily necessities for the family, but also milk powder for the children. No matter how tired he was from work, he would get up for night-time feedings and meticulously care for his children. She recalled, “He knew and would do everything. I did not have to handle the odds and ends. I could fully depend on him.” However, such happy and blissful life did not last her lifetime, as she had anticipated. Her world began to dim dramatically in 2016, following the successive demise of