The world of Tzu Chi July-August 2022 (Vol.142)

Beautiful Scarves – AWarm Comfort “This is a little gift, but the love from Taiwan is wrapped around the refugees’ necks beautifully. They all looked like superstars in their bright and confident smiles.” Renown Taiwanese TV commentator Sisy Chen mentioned on her Facebook page, “Sisy’s World News”, that recently, females in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan could be seen wearing exquisite silk head scarves from Taiwan. As it turned out, these gifts of love were made possible by Sisy, Shiatzy Chen fashion house and Tzu Chi. Sisy said, on that day, smiles shone bright on the faces of the female refugees, melting away the loneliness felt gazing over the white tents in the vast desert. The female refugees were wrapped in a warm comfort coming from a faraway land. The sorrow of war and exile vanished for a moment as their lips curved into smiles. [Photo courtesy of Tzu Chi Taiwan Headquarters]