The world of Tzu Chi March-April 2022 (Vol.140)

Global Tzu Chi Reaching Out to Ukrainian Refugees Due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, more and more Ukrainians are fleeing their homes. On March 17, 2022, Tzu Chi Singapore learnt from a Polish residing in Singapore that a Christian organization had housed many refugee families in the St. Elizabeth Convent in Poznan, Poland. The nuns, who had extended aid to the refugees at their own expense, were in need of assistance as their resources were depleting very quickly. Volunteers in Poland then visited the convent and discovered that there were 29 Ukrainians and four others who had been under the church’s care. Besides delivering the supplies required, the volunteers also assessed the refugees’ needs for some electronic products and educational supplies, hoping to pool more love and kindness for those displaced. On March 19, 2022, Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland led some compassionate locals to deliver daily necessities to the Christian organization that took in the Ukrainian refugees. [Photo courtesy of a Tzu Chi volunteer] Send aid and care to the Ukrainian refugees through Tzu Chi Taiwan Headquarters (opt for credit card payment)