The world of Tzu Chi Nov-Dec 2021 (Vol.138)

Sailing to the Aid of Flood Victims In late September 2021, tropical storm Dianmu brought heavy rainfall to the northern and northeast regions of Thailand, sending a huge volume of water into Pasak River and Chao Phraya River. The water discharged from the Pasak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi province caused the areas along the river banks and the low-lying areas to experience the worst flood in a decade. On October 5, Tzu Chi volunteers took a two-hour drive from Bangkok to Lopburi, which is located about 150 km away, to deliver 1,000 packs of daily essentials to affected people in Chai Badan and Ban Mi districts. With cooperation from the local government officials, the volunteers not only sent the relief packs to various disaster relief centres, but also visited the affected people to find out more about their plights. Flood victims in Lopburi rowed their boat to collect the relief supplies from Tzu Chi volunteers, who reached out to them by boat. [Photo by Lin Tai Ting]