The world of Tzu Chi Augusts 2021 (Vol.136)

2021 • 08 50 nspiration Written and photos by Leong Yien Ngo, a Qing Xiu Shi at Jing Si Abode S oothing breeze flows, roses awake under the gentle morning light and their fresh fragrance rushes up the nostrils. Thousands of little pink, white and purple roses wave to volunteers to welcome everyone with warm embrace. Roses bloom with grace, giving of their beautiful, colourful petals, radiate their charming glow and making volunteers fall in love with every glance of them. Roses bloom throughout the whole year regardless of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Their leaves and blooms do not wilt under the harsh conditions of winter, drought, heavy rain or strong wind. They flourish in the garden, enduring unfavourable weather. Volunteers put on straw hats, change to boots, tie the string of tailor-made sack bag for picking flowers around the waists, and walk or cycle to the rose garden. Some roses are on the surface of the shrubs whilst some hide in the shrubs, where one has to extend one’s hand to pick them carefully to avoid the prickles. While roses are beautiful, they are armed with prickles, which could be thought of as the five poisons of the mind—greed, anger, delusion, arrogance, and doubt. During our first time, we would be at a high level of alert to avoid the thorns, but gradually we would forget about them. Only when the hands get injured do we realize the presence of thorns. Garden of the Mind