The world of Tzu Chi Augusts 2021 (Vol.136)

TZU CHI 136 43 lobal News Report by the Tzu Chi Documenting Team Translated by Chung Chin Sei Photos courtesy of Tzu Chi Taiwan In response to the Government’s target to administer one million vaccinations per day, the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) joined hands with Tzu Chi Indonesia to conduct mass vaccination drives. From July 7 to 9, 2021, both parties collaborated to administer the first vaccine doses to the public at the Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi School in West Jakarta, with an estimate of 1,500 inoculations daily. A vaccinee, Deli Karyono, who is a taxi driver, commended TNI and Tzu Chi’s contributions during this time of the pandemic and hoped that they can continue to thrive and help those in need. Indonesia 09.07.2021 Joining Hands to Accelerate theVaccination Rate Mozambique 12.07.2021 Spreading Love through the Great Love Farms The birth of Tzu Chi’s Great Love Farms in Mozambique can be traced back to 2019, after Cyclone Idai hit. The cyclone was one of the worst cyclones recorded in the southern hemisphere and it swept through Mozambique, causing thousands of deaths and leaving hundreds of thousands affected people in sorrow. In the aftermath, 18 Mozambican volunteers willingly relocated from Maputo in the south to Sofala in the central region. They vowed to spread the Dharma and Great Love from Tzu Chi to the devastated Sofala. Thanks to their efforts, there are now seven Great Love Farms—three in Metuchira, two in Lamego and two in the Nhamatanda district—covering a total area of 33.5 hectares. The harvests from these Great Love Farms have made up 47,330 distribution sets.