The world of Tzu Chi June 2021 (Vol.135)

Rice in Place of Insects The Covid-19 pandemic remains severe in Zimbabwe. Impacted by the country’s lockdown policy, some locals resorted to feeding themselves with insects; some even walked 20 km to get them. Feeling sorry for their plights, Tzu Chi distributed relief supplies to about 1,000 villagers. Mosquito nets were also distributed in addition to rice and blankets for malaria prevention. Volunteers also brought a wheelchair for a woman, whose mobility has been restricted after she suffered a stroke following severe depression. Due to financial difficulties, her house is half-completed, and rainwater would leak into her house during the rainy season, soaking her clothing items. After receiving the rice, blanket and wheelchair, she asked in disbelief, “How can I be getting all these?” Local folks at Gutu district, Masvingo province in Zimbabwe were all smiles to receive relief supplies from Tzu Chi on November 28, 2020. [Photo courtesy of Zimbabwean Tzu Chi volunteers]