The world of Tzu Chi March 2021 (Vol.132)

New Year, New Home Madam Peng, an Indonesian married to a Taiwanese man, is a long-term care recipient of Tzu Chi. As there was no bathroom in her run-down house, and with cockroaches and rats running around, she and her two children had to use the public toilets and share their only bed at home. Feeling sorry for them, Tzu Chi volunteers decided to help renovate their home. For a month from January 2, 2021, volunteers worked hard on the project, which involved roof repair, kitchen renovation, toilet construction, room partition, and so on, in hope to complete the work before the Chinese New Year. On the morning of February 6, volunteers prepared glutinous rice balls, peanuts and other items, and joyfully entered the new home together with the family while uttering auspicious wishes. Their words made Madam Peng grinned from ear to ear. When volunteers dismantled the decaying ceiling, dust and leaves fell down along with the plywood. They hurriedly cleaned them to facilitate subsequent work. [Photograph by Ji Su-zhen]