The world of Tzu Chi February 2021(Vol.131)

Delivering Warmth, Receiving Wisdom In June 2020, Qingminghe, a township in Yunmeng county, Hubei province, China, was hit by a flood. After numerous rounds of communication with the local government, Tzu Chi volunteers finally visited the flood-stricken areas in December, and distributed winter supplies to 376 families there. Granny Liu, an octogenarian who lives alone, pointed to her clean and tidy home and told the volunteers that she singlehandedly cleaned up the aftermath of the flood. When asked if she missed her children who were working away from home, she replied, “Of course, but I can’t distract them from their work.” As the conversation flowed, she said, “There is no bad job, only a bad soul.” Her simple words were indeed full of wisdom. A volunteer briefed Granny Liu about each relief item and helped her put on the eco-friendly jacket. She felt the material and exclaimed happily, “It fits me so well, like I am wearing my own clothes!” [Photograph by Li Fen]