The world of Tzu Chi January 2021 (Vol.130)

Rebuilding Bridge, Rekindling Hope A devastating flood on October 12, 2020 damaged a suspension bridge in Depok Village in West Java province, Indonesia. This disrupted the villagers’ daily activities, like working in the fields and attending schools on the opposite bank. The villagers also had to make a detour and walk for 45 minutes to get to another village. Hence, Tzu Chi Bandung and the 3rd Military Regional Command/Siliwangi decided to collaborate and rebuild the suspension bridge for the villagers. “I’m truly happy. The suspension bridge is very helpful to us, especially those in the handicraft industry, because transportation has been disrupted and production has been affected. I really hope the bridge can be rebuilt soon. This will help improve the village’s economy,” said villager Ubad. Volunteers carefully crossing the makeshift bamboo bridge built by the villagers, to go to Depok Village for the groundbreaking ceremony of the suspension bridge rebuilding project. [Photograph by Galvan]