The world of Tzu Chi December 2020(Vol.129)

Delighted to Receive a Laptop for Online Classes To contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia implemented online classes since March 2020. Javon, a third year Multimedia student at Tangerang Vocational School, had been going to an Internet café for his lessons in the past half a year or so. His home computer could not support the software required for his lessons and would repeatedly reboot. When Tzu Chi volunteers presented him a laptop, he gladly said, “I want to edit the (video) files given by my teacher and learn new software applications. In addition, I want to thank Tzu Chi as my learning will not be hindered now that I have a new laptop available.” Amotivated Javon looks forward to securing a university scholarship and becoming a professional video editor in the future. “I have applied for university scholarships. I will study harder and hopefully, rank first position in my year.” Javon was among Tzu Chi education grant recipients presented with a mobile gadget for online learning. He could not wait to try out his new laptop. His sisters too, shared his joy. [Photograph by Khusnul Khotimah]