The World Of Tzu Chi(Vol.128)

Migrant Workers Express Their Emotions throughArt On July 9, 2020, 25 migrant workers staying at a temporary dormitory in Singapore had their first encounter with patchwork, after being quarantined for three months. Some of these workers have recovered from Covid-19, while some are healthy workers who are regularly tested and relocated after Covid-19 started spreading in their dormitory. The project, named “Stay Home Quilt”, was jointly launched by Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, community art organization 3 Pumpkins, and local artist Jimmy Ong. The aim was to invite the migrant workers to express their emotions and ease their anxieties through sewing. Some migrant workers had expressed through their patchwork, their gratitude to the Singapore government for bearing all their expenses during this period, thereby allowing them to undergo treatment with peace of mind. “It’s nice chatting with you. You make us happy by letting us learn new things. At least we have something to do and we have learned something new and different! I enjoy this session very much!” said Madhu Sudan Ghosh from Bangladesh while happily displaying his patchwork. [Photograph by Wong Twee Hee]