The world of Tzu Chi October 2020 (Vol.127)

APenetrating Performance by U-Theatre at Jing Si Hall With Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacting the world, Tzu Chi Foundation and Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau jointly organized a prayer ceremony at Hualien Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall, where U-Theatre troupe was invited to give drum performances, leading everyone to settle the body and mind, and reflect on their inner self. Liu Ruo-yu, founder-cum-artistic director of U-Theatre, shared her experience during a retreat in the creation of “Sword of Wisdom”, where she penned this: “That day, I was sitting, just sitting, and a wave of light appeared before me; I was helpless. I saw myself, many images of myself.” Thereafter, she learned about four verses by Zen Master Lin-chi— “one cudgel, like the sword of wisdom; one cudgel, like looking for a snake in the grass; one cudgel, like the roar of a lion; one cudgel, which is not a cudgel,” which later developed into the essence of “Sword of Wisdom”. On August 29, 2020, U-Theatre staged the “Sword of Wisdom” performance, delivering peace, positivity and blessings through a fusion of martial arts, drumming, acting, dance and music. [Photograph by Xu Zheng-yu]