The world of Tzu Chi August 2020 (Vol.125)

Building NewWells to Solve Water Woes Zimbabwe is plagued by annual droughts, compounded this year by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the Domboshava community in Mashonaland East Province, 5,000 residents were deprived of clean water and had to resort to sourcing water from a shallow, murky pond and a faulty well built in the middle of a cemetery, where water was cleaner yet scarce. Hygiene took a backseat for the residents, who considered themselves fortunate to be able to locate water supply for survival. Tzu Chi volunteers dug two new wells for the locals to solve their water woes. The well construction project was a gargantuan effort, for each well measures 80 m deep. The wells were completed within six days, following which the residents were finally able to access clean water. On June 9, 2020, the wells were opened to the residents, who stood in line to collect water. Everyone was pleased to be granted a stable supply of clean water. [Photograph by Hlengisile Jiyane]