The World Of Tzu Chi(Vol.112)

Spreading Compassion in the Spirit of Ramadan In conjunction with the month of Ramadan in May 2019, volunteers from Taiwan, China and Australia joined forces with local volunteers in Jordan to distribute relief supplies to the nomadic Bedouin people, Syrian refugees and underprivileged locals to ease their burden. The volunteers visited the Tarabot Social Centre to provide consultation services in psychological support, behavioural concerns, as well as family and social welfare, while creating a safe space for women, children and youths. In July 2017, Tzu Chi accepted an invitation to collaborate with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) in conducting humanitarian relief efforts to eradicate poverty, mitigate violence and conflict. A 10-year-old girl expressed her wish to do her part for charity after learning of the origins and purpose of the bamboo bank. [Photograph by Wang Jin]