The world of Tzu Chi (Vol.110)

Constructing Makeshift Classrooms for School As the century-old buildings of Longgang Elementary School were seriously damaged in the 2016 southern Taiwan earthquake, a reconstruction project was launched in July 2018. At the request of the school principal, Tzu Chi agreed to construct six makeshift classrooms for the school. Two makeshift classrooms were completed in July 2018, and the construction of the remaining four classrooms commenced in February 2019. These classrooms built with recycled materials from the construction project of another school can be re-assembled quickly and reused after dismantling. Despite the low enrolment demand, Longgang Elementary School plays an important role in educating the children as it is the only elementary school in the community. The principal thanked Tzu Chi for the help and requested the volunteers to share with the students how the makeshift classrooms had benefitted many other schools, thereby instilling the spirit of selfless love in them. The second phase of the makeshift classroom project for Longgang Elementary School was completed in three days, with contribution from about 20 volunteers daily. [Photograph by Xu Cui Qing]