The world of Tzu Chi (Vol.107)

2019 • 02 46 Reported and photographs by Yong Siew Lee Translated by Lim Rui Lin ouching Life Story David Raj and his family were in a difficult situation after he suffered a stroke. Fortunately, after countless physiotherapy treatments along with the encouragements from Tzu Chi volunteers, church members and loved ones over the course of more than a year, he has regained some of his physical strength and speech abilities. With Christmas around the corner, volunteers brought him a long-anticipated gift… O n the morning of December 2, 2018, volunteer Tan Sock Peng visited David Raj a/l Masalamoney’s house and was greeted with joy by both his 10-year-old son, Ahgazte Raj, and his wife, Pushpam a/p Arigeesamy. It was a long-anticipated day for the family, as Tzu Chi volunteers brought them a Christmas tree! Pushpam’s wish Amonth ago, when Sock Peng casuallymentioned about Christmas decorations with Pushpam, a Catholic, the latter suddenly asked for a usedChristmas tree if therewas any found at the recycling centre. She talked about their earlier days and remembered that when they were newlyweds more than ten years ago, David could not afford a Christmas tree so he made Filling the Home with Joy and Laughter Again