The world of Tzu Chi (Vol.107)

39 TZU CHI 107 I n December 2018, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor mobilized a volunteer team to Istanbul, Turkey, to distribute “New Year gifts” to Syrian refugees and their children. The team consisted of Berjaya Corporation Bhd’s Founder and Executive Chairman Tan Sri Vincent Tan; the Executive Chairman and Founder of Top Glove Corporation Bhd, Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai, and his wife, Puan Sri Tong Siew Bee, as well as members from the Malaysian media. Echo Chien, CEO of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, informed that Master Cheng Yen has been concerned about the Syrian refugees. Thus, when the Branch Office learnt that a team of volunteers from Tzu Chi Taiwan Headquarters would be there inTurkey to extend their care to the refugees, they decided to join their counterparts. For two days from December 28, the volunteers visited a free clinic and the El Menahil International School set up by Tzu Chi, as well as the homes of the refugees. They presented 2,000 schoolbags to the Syrian refugee children studying at the El Menahil International School. In addition, Vincent Tan also made various donations to the school, while Lim Wee Chai donated 50,000 medical gloves to the free clinic. Associate Professor Dr Zarina Awang, who took part in the mission, shared, “I am a Muslim, and they (the refugees) are Muslims. I am so impressed that Tzu Chi is helping them. I wish the war will stop and that the children can go to school. I am so happy that the Turkish Government is helping the Syrians. I have high respect for it, and the people who are in this mission, my Tzu Chi brothers and sisters, as well as the local Tzu Chi volunteers.” On December 29, President Erdogan of lobal Presence By Tzu Chi Documenting Team Translated by Translating Team Tzu Chi’s Aid Efforts for Syrian Refugees A student of the El Menahil International School giving Malaysian volunteer, Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai, a thank- you kiss after receiving a school bag from Tzu Chi. [Photograph by David Yu] Tzu Chi volunteers-in-charge in Turkey, Faisal Hu (2nd from left) and his wife, Nadya Chou (1st right), shaking hands with President Erdogan of Turkey. [Photograph courtesy of Faisal Hu] Turkey specially took time to meet up with the Tzu Chi volunteers in Turkey and those from Malaysia, to commend their efforts. The collaboration between the Turkish Government and Tzu Chi has indeed brought much love and warmth to the refugees amid the cold winter.