The world of Tzu Chi (Vol.107)

2019 • 02 32 ocal News A s Chinese New Year approaches, Tzu Chi volunteers distributed spring couplets of inspiring quotes to various communities and shared Tzu Chi’s mission reviewfor the year 2018, as a way to thank the public for their support. The red spring couplets do not only serve as festive decorations, but also as reminders for everyone to have good thoughts, speak kind words, and do good deeds in the new year. In groups, volunteers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor visited commercial and residential areas, as well as the leprosy centre in Sungai Buloh, to send their well wishes after a half-day spiritual retreat session at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall on January 13, 2019. They also did not forget brothers and sisters in the Dharma, who for some reasons, could not make it to the 2018 Year-end Blessing Ceremony. “Sister, we are here to deliver Master Cheng Yen’s blessings to you!” The volunteers greeted 76-year-old Ng Kim Mooi, who was all smiles as they visited her home. It touched her deeply and she could not stop thanking the volunteers, saying, “I was feeling so down thinking that I would not receive the red envelope of blessings and wisdom from Master this year. What a surprise that you all sent it over to me! The blessings from Master and care from all of you make this the happiest new year for me since I started dialysis treatment. I will certainly have a good sleep tonight!” On the other hand, volunteers in Malacca visited some shop lots on January 12 and 16 to deliver the new year wishes. Having learnt from the Malaysia Solid Waste Corporation (SWCorp) in October 2018 that 50% of waste in landfills is composed of recyclable materials, they also seized the opportunity to spread the message of environmental conservation, in the hope of encouraging everyone to commit to proper resource management in their daily lives. Delivering Blessings to Protect the Environment Malacca, KL & Selangor 2019.01.12 – 01.16 Translated by Wong Mun Heng & Lee Hui Yieng Reported by Tzu Chi Documenting Team Photograph by Lee Siew Kuan