The world of Tzu Chi (Vol.106)

As Close as a Family In the aftermath of the 2014 East Coast flood, volunteer Chia Chooi Cheng, together with fellow volunteers, travelled to Kampung Seberang Jelai in Kuala Lipis to help the affected folks to clean up their homes. “We will be there for you and will not forget you.” Her sincere words of comfort touched the heart of a sorrowful elderly woman, Midah binti Bakar. She also invited the elderly’s son to join the cash-for-work programme, which brought the affected folks to restore their homes in unity, while receiving some cash for their efforts. A few years since then, the gestures of kindness were never forgotten, and the feeling of closeness, like a family, remains as strong. On November 24, 2018, volunteer Chia Chooi Cheng paid a visit to Midah binti Bakar. They embraced each other, feeling overwhelmed to meet again. [Photograph by Ang Cheng Peng]